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Homemade radar systems

Pericles asked a question in the counter-UAV discussion on Sipsey Street post I mentioned previously.

Need the militia equivalent of this:

A few smart guys should be able to replicate 1950s technology at a reasonable cost.

Ask and ye shall receive. Team Brainiac over at MIT came up with a coffee can radar. For $240 they created a High Resolution X-Band Linear Rail SAR Imaging System.

I wonder if it can spot a UAV…

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Homemade Whirlygigs

29 January 2011 1 comment

Obviously, you can put a camera on one of these things, but I think it would be better as a recon platform than as an assault tricopter:

Hell of a visual signature, don’t you think?

More details here. HT: The Firearm Blog.

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