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Meh, whatevs…

15 February 2011 1 comment

… as the kids say these days: Panel Kills Bill Allowing VA Residents to Use Deadly Force. This was the senate version of the bill I mentioned the other day.

The SOB will still die if he comes in my home uninvited.

And no, a locked door does not constitute an invitation.


VA House of Delegates is cool with me shooting an intruder

11 February 2011 2 comments

Va. House OKs use of deadly force against home intruders

Glad to see the delegates have finally come around to my way of thinking and adopted my own home policy, at least in part. Personally, I think an intruder “commits an overt act toward the occupant that he reasonably believes would put him in imminent danger of bodily injury” when he crosses my threshold, period. Even if he’s only after my TV.

Gabrielle Giffords shot in the head

Right now, the news channels are reporting she’s alive, in surgery, and that they have the shooter in custody.

Put him on trial. Tomorrow. If he’s found guilty, regardless of whether or not she survives, hang him high.

I’ve got just the short rope and tall tree they need.

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To-may-to, to-mah-to, Democrat, Republican

Arctic Patriot lays out the political landscape.

What he said.

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