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Why join a militia?

3 January 2011 2 comments

Because you are a free being, with rights that need defending from those who do not respect them.

Because among those rights are the rights to self-defense and free association.

Because there is nothing wrong with joining a militia, unless they intend to start a fight.

Because the state can’t always protect you, and a militia can fill some of the gaps in that protection.

Because militias have an undeserved bad reputation, which good citizens like yourself can help improve.

Because society is less civilized than we deceive ourselves into believing, and that veneer can peel off faster than an Ikea paint job.

Because certain traditions are worth honoring and defending and promoting.

Because there are real-life, next door problems that the military is not being used to stop.

Because the government is not your friend.

Because you already are a militia of one.

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Victory is in the air

Sniff the air. Do you smell what I smell?

I smell politics, defeatism, back-room deals, backpedaling, promise breaking, and quite a few other noxious fumes from the semi-drained swamp on the Potomac, across from Arlington. And one other thing.

There is the hint, just the slightest hint, of victory.

“Bah!” the scoffer says, “He’s crazy! We’re losing ground on all fronts, there’s no sense of victory anywhere.”

Well, that’s mostly true, but partly false. Expand your horizons, and look around more than just your own foxhole.

Pejman Yousefzadeh went through security at a TSA-administrated airport without being molested or X-rayed. My own experience in traveling this Christmas season was similar, I did not get probed or viewed in one of those pervert boxes.

As yes, anecdote is not the same as data point, but it is still worth considering. Despite Janet’s protests to the contrary, she knows that violations of our persons will draw protests. She knows that we as a people will resist, so she has backed down for now. Momentum has shifted in a particular area, so now is the time to press on and develop that momentum into more forward movement.

I can also attest from personal observation that traveling by air is down. In all the airports I visited, there were not nearly the crowds there were before. This gives some more information that we can use to our advantage. I propose the following:

  1. Resolve to fly less this year. My travel plans were made just before the change in TSA policy. I will not be flying for Christmas next year. As a result, I will maximize my impact on the airline industry and their collaboration with the government in the violation of our rights.
  2. Be encouraged in your protests against the government. The anger stirred up by and directed at the government resulted in fewer rights violations at the airport

Yes, these are baby steps, but one must learn to walk before learning to run. The encroachment on our rights has been going on for well more than a century, and it will take a long time to get them back. But the effort must start somewhere, and because we stood up with one voice against one infringement, it has been rolled back, at least in part.

Continue on, for we are doing good against their evil. Be encouraged. Take joy from that sweet scent of freedom in the air, however small or faint it may be.

The more we press on, the stronger the scent will become.

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