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A method for removing guns

2 February 2011 5 comments

I’ve noticed something the OpFor has become handy at: charge a citizen (that is, one who bears arms lawfully) with a bullshit trumped up charge of unlawful possession or brandishing or some such felonious bullshit, put them on trial and intimidate the jury into thinking they must convict the guy, then throw him in prison. When he raises holy hell in the press and the people demand his freedom, grant a commutation, not a full pardon. That way the OpFor can claim to have restored his freedom (he’s out of prison, after all) while denying him his right to bear arms, since he still has a felony conviction.

It worked with Brian Aitken, and in a more aggressive form with David Olofson, and now it has worked with Ward Bird in New Hampshire.

How would we go about countering this? Two methods come to mind. First, if we are lucky enough to get on the jury trying the guy, we pull a Henry Fonda and get the rest of the jury to acquit the victim. Second, as a personal preventative measure, we cache firearms (preferably paperless ones) in our locale. Third …



Gabrielle Giffords shot in the head

Right now, the news channels are reporting she’s alive, in surgery, and that they have the shooter in custody.

Put him on trial. Tomorrow. If he’s found guilty, regardless of whether or not she survives, hang him high.

I’ve got just the short rope and tall tree they need.

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