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Final thoughts on the CPX Foxtrot thing

CPX Foxtrot is, to my way of thinking, a bit presumptive and premature. It is based on a presumption that the government is planning to instigate a war, and then proceeds to discuss and/or make theoretical plans to counter such an instigation. I do not doubt the possibility of such an act by the government, but I do doubt the probability of it. These are, after all, the people who burned down a church in Waco and shot a mother with child in Idaho. The leap from that to something like a war-starting false flag is one measured in feet, not miles.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that a false flag event is in the planning stages, with an execution date sometime before the end of 2012, and an execution location within the US. I see no capability within FreeFor of detecting or countering it. Tell me, how many members of the FBI or other government agencies are in the militia movement in a non-official capacity? This lack of intelligence resources is (or at least should be) a key deterrent to action. In my mind, action to oppose such an event, without the resources to verify it beforehand, would potentially constitute a Fort Sumter action if it involved ballistic solutions. Other solutions, along the lines of Vanderboegh’s “Unwanted by the FBI” poster campaign, would be much more effective (and personally speaking, morally acceptable), but only if the intelligence resources proved to be iron-clad. If anything came out afterwards that cast doubt on accusations against the government would be fatal to the FreeFor movement. In short, anything short of an FBI agent caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy would be problematic, to say the least.

As far as the provenance of the memo, I do not know who originated it, but I do know from whom I got it and to whom I sent it. Kerodin was not in either of those lists. Beyond that, I cannot say. I can say that those who received it from me have come to similar conclusions as I.

Is there anything useful I can draw from this exercise? Yes. I have not previously served in the military, and the concept of a command post exercise and the format of the memo were both instructive. As a networking tool, the CPX was interesting, but I won’t go into details there. The comments over @ WRSA are perhaps the most enlightening aspect of it.

Summary: Don’t do anything stupid out there. Lay in your logistics. Run your PT. Let them start the shooting.

VAR, out.

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