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Observations from Libya

Take notes, class:

(Hat tip: The Firearm Blog)

This is the quality of marksmanship you will be fighting alongside if push comes to shove here in the good ol’ US of A. Get yourself to an Appleseed to learn the basics, then followup with a class at a professional marksmanship school. Questions:

  • At any point, can the OpFor be seen when the camera is pointed downrange?
  • What advantages could be gained against the rebels by an OpFor trained in fire discipline?
  • What cover and concealment can be seen in use?

Oh, and note the use of the handheld video camera at about 50 seconds. Might be good to get a hold of a few of those, especially as they become the “obsolete” technology, eclipsed by smart phones. The applications work well for both propaganda and training purposes. Just make sure to hold it steady while you’re being shot at.

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  1. Highlander
    28 June 2011 at 07:37

    While in Iraq in ’03 one of the jobs I had was to teach the IP (Iraqi Police) at a prison to shoot. I went and started looking over the mix of AK styled weapons and noticed that ALL of the stocks were either cutoff or manufactured very short. When I took a group ou to shoot the first guy up tucks the shortened stock under his arm and sprayes the target area. After a quick lesson in why and how of taking aim one of the guys explined that it was silly to aim since it was all up to Allah….

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