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GPS Toys for Big Brother and You

Slashdot linked to an iFixIt story where the authors tore down a government GPS tracker. Among the interesting discoveries they made:

  • The units are powered by special D-cell batteries that give it a total runtime of somewhere between one and two decades.
  • The GPS signal processor dates to 1999.
  • The unit has two antennae, one for the inbound GPS signal and the other for a shorter range inbound/outbound signal – allowing for remote control.

Now, that’s an idea of what the Fibbies are up to, and what they can do. But circuit design is a two-way street, and anyone with the right information and access to schematics and circuit tools can build something similar – like this.

If they can make it, so can we. Think of the possibilities with such a device, especially if the need to transmit data was omitted from the design.

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