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A holistic view of the Gunwalker scandal

… from Karl Denninger:

Justice? Yeah, Holder should resign and the BATFE should be disbanded. That’s clear.

But what’s equally clear is that not a damn thing has been done for the Americans who have been repeatedly assaulted financially at the hands of the Jackals of America.

Destroying people’s lives with a pinstripe suit and briefcase is equally problematic to doing so with a gun.

Amen. Yet they get away with it because they have more lawyers, and better ones at that.

They’re building a reckoning for themselves, if nothing else.

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  1. 5 May 2011 at 19:29

    This is the whole disconnect in the Gunwalker thing.

    People have a problem not with ATF’s blatanty unconstitutional mission, but with how they went about it.

    Does this not imply consent to the ATF’s mission, only objections to its means?

    The ATF should go away because regulating firearms is unconstitutional, Gunwalker or no.

    They are all criminals and traitors. Why is anyone suprised then, when they act as such?


  2. 5 May 2011 at 21:25

    Because faulty premises produce faulty conclusions. Example:
    1) People think the ATF is a legitimate .gov organization with a legitimate purpose (the faulty premise)
    2) ATF acts like criminals
    3) People are surprised because
    a) they think any .gov organization is legitimate, and
    b) the ATF officers swore to uphold the Constitution, and they couldn’t have lied!
    What they fail to realize is that, as you point out, it is an illegitimate organization that attracts the criminal/sociopathic element. Such people have a tendency to lie, or at least view oaths as elastic, but most people don’t realize it.

    I am thankful though, as events like this have tended to increase our numbers in the past few years. We have yet to see, though, how lasting a change it is in the FreeFor-OpFor balance of power.

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