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FTX Weekend

VA Riflewoman (my wife) and I are doing a camping/field training exercise, so you’re on your own for the weekend. What’s on the training schedule? Glad you asked!

Plus the usual hiking with basic combat loads. No first aid training, unless Private Murphy insists on it. Can’t do everything in one weekend.

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The OpFor is doing battlespace preparation

From Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge comes news that Paul O’Neill considers you, debt and deficit opponent, the moral equal to an Al Qaeda terrorist.

I’d embed the video, but WordPress won’t allow it for some reason. Go to the link and watch him say this:

The people who are threatening not to pass the debt ceiling are our version of Al-Qaeda terrorists. Really. They’re really putting our whole society at risk by threatening to round up 50 percent of the members of the Congress, who are looney, who would put our credit at risk.

Are you tracking?

Remember, you are not prepared for combat if you haven’t clearly defined who your enemy is. The Opposition is defining their enemies – anyone who opposes their plans for your enslavement is no different than a mass murdering thug. This is a classic Orwellian inversion. Their actions are leading to the future enslavement and premature death of millions, but we, their political opponents, are the murderers.

We must mock them incessantly for this. It is one of the few peaceful weapons we have left.

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Defining “Victory”

Apparently, the DoD doesn’t know what victory looks like (HT to ArcPat, by whom I learned of Mr. Waller).

Another thought from ArcPat:

If it’s worth fighting for, then WIN. The desired end state is end the threat. By any means necessary. Any outcome other than victory in a fight worth fighting is unacceptable. Choosing to lose in such a fight is immoral. Any fight in which you can afford any intentional and unnecessary risk of losing is a fight that perhaps you shouldn’t have fought.

But what is victory? Here’s an acceptable definition, as far as I’m concerned:

For a defined enemy E, objective O and opposition force F, victory is defined by F as the inability of E to exercise it’s will towards achieving O due to the actions of F, and the ability of F to exercise it’s own will towards O without interference from E.

Note that the definition encompasses both offensive and defensive action, and does not settle for just one or the other. Also, the “actions of F” could be interpreted to mean action or inaction, as long as the will of E is hampered. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Ambrose Burnside (E) seeks to destroy (O) Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia (F) at Fredericksburg. Lee acts to prevent this by placing his forces behind strong defenses, covered by artillery on high ground with clear fields of fire against their enemy.
  • In Atlas Shrugged, John Galt (F) wishes to preserve his work (O) from moochers and looters (E). He does this by withdrawing from society and doing business only with fellow Atlases. This prevents the looters from gaining access to his work, and provides him a market in which he wishes to sell his work.
  • VA Rifleman (F) wishes to preserve his wealth (O) from inflation caused by the Federal Government (E). He exchanges his FRNs for Gold and Silver coin when the Fed causes inflation. The will of E towards my wealth is hampered because their actions work towards my benefit and not theirs.

Discuss, please.

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If it flies, it dies

LAPD Helicopter Forced To Land By Gunfire

There’s a lesson there for all who rely on air power as the means to empower their ground power.

Are you tracking?

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The Four Debts

FDR had his Four Freedoms, and we now have four components of the “official” national debt. Go read The Four National Debts, by Kevin D. Williamson. Key excerpt, emphasis added:

TIPS [Treasury Inflation Protected Securities] are a mixed bag, in five-year, ten-year, and 30-year versions. TIPS are a relatively new thing, having been introduced in 1997. They’ve grown popular, from accounting for $33 billion of the national debt in their first year to $640 billion as of March 2011.

Hmm, what exactly is a TIPS?

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (or TIPS) are the inflation-indexed bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury. The principal is adjusted to the Consumer Price Index, the commonly used measure of inflation. The coupon rate is constant, but generates a different amount of interest when multiplied by the inflation-adjusted principal, thus protecting the holder against inflation.

So the government publishes an inflation rate, but that inflation rate influences how much they owe, and they control the interest rate, and the popularity of TIPS is growing…

Concerned American is fond of the phrase “Do you understand yet?”, so rather than use his, I’ll coin my own:

Are you tracking?

Here’s what I track:

  • They’ll keep interest rates artificially low so they can roll over the debt.
  • They’ll intentionally under-report inflation so they don’t have to pay out on the debt (essentially making you eat the price increase with your 401k meal)
  • If you stop buying the TIPS, the Fed will buy them, enabling more debt.

I see retirement fund seizure coming in 5 … 4 … 3 …

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Our day of remembrance

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