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CBS is the broken clock of network news

I’m guessing you probably missed this, since it was on the CBS Evening News, last known infamously for making up documents with MS Word 1968 back in the 2004 election. Personally, except for a handful of incidents I can count on one hand, I haven’t watched evening network news since I was a boy, but as they say, a broken clock is right twice a day.

(Dangit, WordPress is not letting me embed the video. Watch it here.)

Now, remember what happened when Larry Pratt went on Fox News to discuss the Traver nomination and mentioned the Gunwalker scandal:

Not that CBS = good and/or Fox = bad. The point is that the major networks are all afraid to break a big news story, because they want their network to be known for never needing to issue a retraction. CBS got bit hard by that way back in 2004, and apparently has learned some lessons. They have taken Vanderboegh’s and Codrea’s work, examined it, and found it newsworthy.

I wish Fox would do the same, because there are lots of people out there who won’t watch the big networks ever, even when there’s a good story to be seen.

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