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The Troubles of our Day

As you might have guessed, I’ve been suffering from a bit of outrage fatigue the past week. Between all the bad news out there, some pressures at work, and a general mental funk, I just haven’t felt the urge to write.

This morning Preacher Joe (the pastor at the church I and Virginia Riflewoman attend) had an excellent sermon about perspective and expectation. The text was Acts 16, the scene where Paul and Silas get thrown in jail after being led by the Holy Spirit to go to Macedonia. The thrust of the message was that God knows just how bad things will be, but they could be worse if we do something He doesn’t want us to do.

Further, the attitude of Paul and Silas in jail was illustrative of the character we should have. They were chained to the wall and praising God at the same time, not an easy mindset to get into. An earthquake struck, the jailer panicked and almost killed himself, then stopped when he realized the captives were still there. He ended up getting saved. The point of the lesson was that if we look only at the bad things as they come along we can lose sight of and miss what God wants to accomplish as an end goal. In this sermon, it was the salvation of an individual. In our modern day? I believe it is the restoration of the country.

After the sermon I reexamined my attitude. I believe the God off the Bible is the God of Liberty, and wants us to be free of this oppressive government. These troubles we’re seeing – the Wisconsin Union thuggery, the fiscal crises, all the rest – are probably at some level necessary, because if they didn’t come we’d continue blindly on the way to our destruction. But if we view them as setting us up for the restoration of the Constitution and all that means –

Well, it makes me smile. And it’s fun to smile at your enemies. It confuses them, makes them worry.

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