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Of Indian Wars, Future Conflicts, and Winnowing Chaff

It was no accident that throughout my travels, officers and NCOs, who inhabited a tactical universe rather than a strategic one, told me that they found more benefit in studying the 19th century Indian Wars in North America than the two World Wars combined. For the former had featured mobile attack sequences, quick strikes, and ambushes and skirmishes, where combat was a matter of surprise more than of large scale maneuver – small unit combat, again a world of junior officers and NCOs. – Robert Kaplan, Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts: The American Military in the Air, at Sea, and on the Ground, 2007

Here in the early 21st Century, we are blessed with a library of information that is instantly accessible from almost anywhere, broader in scope than anything the world has ever conceived, and growing at a rate unheard of in all of human history. That being the case, we as the modern American militia must learn to discern between wheat and chaff when it comes to useful information. I know this is a difficult task; heck, the economic postings over at Zero Hedge and Market Ticker alone make my head hurt. But we cannot close off our minds to information that can be useful now or later.

So how do we cut this Gordian knot/split the infant before Solomon/[insert your favorite metaphor here]?

I dunno. But I do know that when I see a professional doing something, and I want to act like that professional in some manner, I should do what he does, trying to understand the why as I emulate the what.

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