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I don’t link to David Codrea often, but I should. His latest effort with Mike Vanderboegh is genuine reporting, the kind Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow used to do.

BREAKING NEWS: Grassley Writes Melson on Project Gunwalker

Consider the implications of the charges: federal officers, acting with authority from and the knowledge of their supervisors, knowingly sold firearms to people the government has declared to be our enemies, who then used those weapons in an attack on other federal officers, resulting in the death of Brian Terry. A coverup is alleged to have occurred when investigations were made of the facts of the matter.

That seems like a clear-cut example of “adhering to their Enemies,” if you ask me. I’m not a fan of the drug war, but selling weapons to those who would use them against you and your fellow citizens…

Didn’t they want to hang Benedict Arnold?

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