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Welcome to the blog of the Virginia Rifleman

I am a man with a rifle, living in Virginia. I am an advocate of liberty bound by laws that respect the natural rights of men, which are ours as a gift of our Creator. I am an opponent of those who would reject such a worldview, and the laws they make that infringe on my rights as a man created by God.

I am the recipient of liberty secured by my forefathers, and the bestower of that same security on my children. As such, I am both a Son of Liberty and its Father.

This blog will be a discussion of my worldview, the Constitution of the United States, Liberty, American politics, preparedness, and other related topics, including the unorganized Militia.

Let’s go, we’ve got work to do this year.

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  1. Dave H.
    11 January 2011 at 11:34

    Outstanding site sir! I found you through Arctic Patriot. I look forward to your commentary and hope to meet you at a public event in the future.

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